Date added: 19/08/2016 5 things that sum up the British summer

British summer summarised in 5 points...

1. Complaints about the rain

Walking in the rain

You would think we'd be used to it by now... but no cue the miserable tweets and throwback palm tree images consuming your twitter feed.

2. Complaints about the sun

Sunny WeatherSunny Weather Complaints

3. An irregular amount of day time drinking

We don't need any excuse to sit on a terrace sipping cocktails and prosecco and plastering our social feeds with all the evidence. With the races and the world cup to name just a few, day-time drinking has become a social culture for us Brits- come rain or shine.

4. BBQ after BBQ


Admittedly none of them end up looking this civilised and usually involve either sun burn, showers or a bbq-ing disaster (blackened sausages aren't everyone's things)

5. Beach crowding

Beach Crowding

We are one of a kind when it comes to finding flaws in whatever we are handed in terms of summer weather. But we shouldn't forget our relentless love of lapping up the sunshine with an abundance of food and beverages flowing. According to weather reports, our 'English Summer' has now ended so we return to scattered showers, breezy mornings and place those sandals into the realms of our wardrobes for another year.

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