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Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and styles and sometimes it can be hard to find a wedding ring that complements it perfectly. The planning and detail that goes into your wedding day gives a lot of choices; the theme, flowers, cake and dress, and this level of individuality and detail can also be put into creating your own wedding ring. Combining the latest technology, traditional hand crafting techniques and years of experience, Charles Green can create a wedding band that is the perfect fit for you.

The team at John Pass will help guide you through the design process; advising you on the best choice of metal to match your engagement ring, what size and how many diamonds would look best, what style of setting would complement your engagement ring.

Charles Green - Perfect Fit

From your design, we use the latest 3D scanning equipment to make a digital model of your engagement ring for us to work from. Using CAD software, we take the details from your design and create a wedding ring to match the width and depth of your engagement ring, shaping it and marking out where the diamonds go exactly as you described.

We then print a wax model of your design, provide rendered images of how it will look next to your engagement ring to help you visualise the finished piece and also to make sure you are truly happy. Once you are happy with the design, our highly skilled craftspeople get to work. Your wedding ring will be cast in the metal of your choice, and then finished by hand to make sure it is as smooth and comfortable to wear as it can be. Working closely with your design and details to hand at every stage, we will make sure that each diamond is set by hand exactly the way you would like it, to achieve a brilliant sparkle.

This ring will be completely individual and unique to yourself, nobody else in the World will have the exact same wedding ring as you. Bespoke, handcrafted, and made in Britain.

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Using the latest CAD design technology, we can make the jewellery of your dreams become a reality. Our dedication to designing, creating and crafting the World’s finest jewellery continues beyond wedding rings, from lockets and pendants, engagement rings and eternity rings, to earrings and bangles, we strive to bring your imagination to life.

We can re-use and re-imagine your old or broken jewellery, perhaps a piece of family jewellery handed down to you and use that as a starting point to create something more suitable for yourself but keeping the sentimentality of the piece. The John Pass team will more than happy to sit down and help you design a unique piece of jewellery for you, advising you on possibilities from the years of experience they have dealing with the finest jewellery.

Bespoke Creations

Our design team can create images and wax models of your prospective design to make sure you are fully happy with how the finished piece will look. Then applying the same level of care, craft and attention to detail as we do to our bridal jewellery, your design will be handcrafted from scratch in our Birmingham factory to make sure every aspect meets your exacting standards.

At the end you will be presented with a truly unique piece of jewellery that has been designed by you, crafted by hand and that will last for generations.

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