Date added: 01/09/2016 Chloe Moss: The Chlobo Story

The Chlobo Story

We were lucky enough to chat with Chlobo's founder, Chloe Moss, and gain some BTS knowledge of the brand and how it came to be the success it is today.

1. Where did you draw your inspiration from when starting up ChloBo?The Chlobo Story

I set off travelling when I was 21, and went all round the world.My last destination was Bali, and I was meant to stay 10 days, but ended up there for 2 months – the people and culture were inspiring and this is where the story of ChloBo began.

2. Some of the pieces have a bohemian twist, was this inspired by your travels?

The Chlobo Story

All of the jewellery has been inspired by travels and journeys I have been on – each of the seasonal collections have been inspired by one of my adventures and the charms and colours used in each collection reflects this.

3. Who is your target customer for the products or is it dependent on collection?

I find that there is a ChloBo piece for every girl out there, regardless of age. ChloBo is more about style than age and personality plays a big part in choose a piece of ChloBo as each charm has a meaning.

4. What is your favourite piece (past or present)?

The Chlobo Story

My favourite piece has got to be the iconic tassel – it’s a must have for any stack. We’ve also recently brought back the dainty mini disc tassel which looks great mixed with cuties.

5. Stacking jewellery and layering pieces seems to be styling advice that the brand carries with it, is there a combination you like to mix together most?

At the moment I’m all about mixing my metals – especially Rose Gold and Silver, they really complement each other, but my look changes day to day depending on how I am feeling. If I am feeling stressed I might stack up my Labradorite bracelets as they have calming and healing powers.

6. What can we expect from future collections?

My upcoming AW16 collection Gypsy Dreamer is one of my favourite so far. For me, the Gypsy dreamer woman is the mysterious woman in us all. Her style is darker with a rock and roll twist. This is reflected in the collection as the black sparkle bead is used. There are also statement pieces in this collection as a set which we haven’t done before. The designs are so unique and I’m so excited for it to be released 23rd September.

7. Where is your favourite place in the world?

The Chlobo Inspiration

Although I love Bali, Barbados is a second home to me, as my mum is from there.

8. What country that you haven’t yet visited is on your bucket list?The Chlobo Story

I am very free spirited and travel is about the journey more so than the destination and any adventure is what you make it not where you go. Who knows where I will head off to next!

9. Are you enjoying life in West London?

I have always loved the culture of London and living in Notting Hill is amazing and full of places to keep me inspired.

10. What do you like most about living in London?

The diversity and different cultures in London is so interesting, and there’s always something to do. It’s so different to Chester but it’s definitely for me. Read my recent blog post on my favourite places in Notting Hill -

We loved chatting to Chloe and finding out what she has up her sleeve for future collections. Check out our huge range of Chlobo on our website here to pick up bohemian styles that can be worn delicately or stacked up to make a statement. Keep your eyes pealed for new launches on the site!

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