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Leap Year Proposals

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A Leap Year occurs once every four years and is an exciting time for a number of reasons. As well as giving everyone and extra day in the year, it is also the year when those born on 29th February can celebrate their actual birthday. The most exciting reason is that tradition dictates it is the one day when a woman can propose to a man

Where does the idea of a Leap Year proposal come from?

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There are a number of thoughts about where a leap year proposal comes from

  1. In the 5th Century it is rumoured that St Brigid of Kildare, an Irish nun, asked St Patrick to let women propose after many women were left waiting for a proposal from their boyfriends. He granted her wish and allowed women to propose every four years on a Leap Day.
  2. In 1288 the five-year-old Queen Margaret of Scotland allegedly created a law, which allowed women to propose on a Leap Year as long as they wore a red petticoat. If a woman’s boyfriend rejected her proposal he was forced to pay a fine.
  3. If a woman in Finland wanted to propose to their boyfriend they had to do it on a Leap Day, as it was the only day that gave the couple good luck. If the boyfriend refused he was required to pay a fine, (enough money to pay for a new skirt).
  4. In some European countries, if a man rejected his girlfriends proposal he would have to buy her twelve pairs of gloves to hide the shame of being rejected

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Facts and Figures

  • 22 percent of proposals occur on Valentine’s Day, which is the second most popular day of the year to propose, after Christmas Eve
  • 33 percent of men think that Christmas is the most romantic time of the year to propose, but women disagree and say that Valentine’s Day is more romantic.
  • 21 percent of women say they would propose
  • 5 percent of men think that a woman should propose

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